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IPCT Graduate Yearly Earning Potential.


College v. a Career as a Tech

College is not always the smartest route! Sometimes it can be a little like the old fable The Tortoise and the Hare.

Our Hare college graduate enjoys a starting annual salary of $50,000, while the steady Tech Tortoise, or graduate of the Institute of Pest Control Technology, begins at $40,000.

It would seem that all bets would be on the Hare.  BUT WAIT… let’s take a closer look!

Let’s see what happens when we add the average cost of four years of college or $142,880 of debt now dragging behind the poor old Hare. We also have to account for the fact that the Hare has to wait four years to start the race (while in college with zero earnings), while our savvy Tech Tortoise is busy making a good living.

The final numbers may surprise you! Here is how it looks at the end of thirteen years:

Our weary Hare college graduate has earned $430,212, while our savvy Tech Tortoise has earned $790,000!  ALMOST DOUBLE!

This Could Be You If You…

  • Like being part of a team
  • Enjoy working primarily on your own
  • Like being on the move
  • Prefer working outdoors
  • Are good with people
  • Enjoy time alone
  • Like the feeling of competency and doing a job well
  • Like being respected for your expertise
  • Enjoy the feeling of being trusted by your employer

Why become a Certified Pest Control Technician?

  • You control your future
  • Increased pay
  • More opportunity
  • You are in demand
  • You create value for any pest control owner
  • Increased respect
  • Greater opportunity to climb the ladder within your company
  • You are looked upon as an expert in your field
  • Pride in who you are and what you do

With IPCT, You are in Control of Charting Your Future!

Here at IMPACT, we are invested in the lives of our Certified Graduates. Our commitment does not end at placement! We follow and support our alumni, working in harmony with their employers, to see that they progress in their trade from Apprentice to Journeyman (or Journeywoman) to Master Technician—and receive the added pay for each level of advancement. We continue to support our alumni with continuing education and other benefits as we proudly watch them excel in their trade.