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We at the Institute of Pest Control Technology are proud of our growing faculty!

We are gathering some of the most talented and knowledgeable leaders in the industry of pest control.

Meet our Faculty Members:

Ken Perkes


Ken is our Director at the Institute and will be a frequent guest teacher as well. Though his career is distinguished and varied, including serving as a Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Ken is a teacher at heart! Ken is the proud father of five sons, four of whom have been heavily involved in the pest control industry. Two excellent pest control companies have been born of his family, including Midwest Pest Control, owned by two of his ambitious sons. Ken himself has been a licensed pest control technician and has first-hand experience of the rewards that await our graduates!

Katherine Leiser

Dean of Students

Katherine, our Dean of Students, is the heart of our School! She is the one that keeps it all together. Our students will find her to be a friend, advocate, and valuable resource. Katherine has a proven history of supporting the growth of dynamic companies and she is an integral component to our growth. She has a passion for helping others succeed. We are most grateful to have Katherine here at IMPACT. When she is not climbing into crawl spaces (Seriously! On a ride along with one of our techs her first day with us!) or helping our students succeed, she can be found in her happy place, as the proud Mom of three great kiddos and as wife to a loving husband.

Tyson Legg

Faculty Member

Tyson is a multi-talented star! He has grown within the pest control field over the past four years. He is a licensed commercial applicator in multiple northwestern states. As he has quickly risen to the top, he has enjoyed the opportunity to manage various teams of pest control technicians. He is currently a team leader/trainer and he continues to expand his knowledge of pest control. We are excited to add Tyson to our faculty!

Cody Dunbar

Faculty Member

Nobody loves his customers more than Cody! He takes pride in every home or business he services. Cody has been in the pest control industry for 8 years with experience in both sales and service. He has brought on thousands of customers and serviced thousands more. He is a licensed pesticide applicator in 4 different states. He currently is Vice President of Service with a successful pest control company. Cody adeptly moves from spraying for aphids, to managing the universe from his IPad, to teaching at the Institute—and makes it look easy.  Cody truly enjoys what he does and loves helping others find success in this industry.

Ben Bennett

Faculty Member

Ben may look like a mild-mannered faculty member, but we can always tell when he arrives on campus:  he drives a Harley! Ben has 7 years of sales, service, and management experience. He has earned that experience managing over 60 sales reps in 3 different states, overseeing the addition of tens of thousands of new pest control accounts. Ben is well rounded in every aspect of the pest control industry, but is particularly adept and talented with respect to sales! During his career in managing and motivating sales reps, Ben’s focus has always been on creating a sales atmosphere centered in ethics and integrity.

Tami Larangiera

Faculty Member

In every business there are reports and records. We invited Tami as a faculty member because she is a master of order in the pest control world! Tami is Vice President of Customer Relations in a fast-paced and growing pest control company. She oversees the intersection of dozens of technicians and thousands of customers. As such, she is well positioned to teach our students the ins and outs of record keeping and reporting and how it will facilitate the retention of satisfied customers and make future bosses happy as well. Our students will benefit greatly under the tutelage of this driven and goal-oriented professional.

John Hill

Faculty Member

John is our construction specialist. In fact, John literally built (or at least supervised the construction of) our school! With over twenty years of construction experience and success, John is well qualified to teach our students how pests get into structures. Semper Fi! John is also an ex-marine, an amphibius assault vehicle mechanic. You will love John! Everyone does. We are grateful to have him as a faculty member of our school. Please, just don’t ask John to yodel!